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Cristina Servin: Tony Ferguson Wife Know her Bio, Age, Career, Net Worth and More

Cristina Servin The Wife Of Tony Ferguson.

Cristina Servin is a well-known American persona, and martial arts lovers must recognize her properly as she is famous as the wife of the most eccentric MMA(Mixed Martial Arts) personality, Tony Ferguson. 

She is the loving wife of Tony who has gathered enormous attention after her marriage to the MMA fighter. Their in-marriage complications in 2019 made Cristina even more popular when she filed a case against her husband. 

In this article, we are going to discuss the brave wife of Tony Ferguson who can do anything for her husband and family.

One of the most talked-about MMA competitors. His relentless aggression, ambiguous training videos, and funny trash talk make him a favorite among MMA fans and content producers. He lost to Justin Gaethje by severe TKO after his fight with Khatib was postponed for the fifth time, and then Charles Olivera by decision. Fans and analysts pointed fingers at the farmer interim champion since he was outplayed in both defeats.

Cristina Servin’s Bio

Cristina Servin
Cristina Servin

Cristina Servin Ferguson is her complete name after she tied the knot with Tony Ferguson. Christina is an American national who holds a White ethnic heritage. She was born in the lands of the United States of America and spent her childhood here only. 

Her marriage with the MMA boxer has made her life a fairy tale, which is she living right now. She has captured galore of popularity, fame, recognition, and even respect by being the wife of one such personality of the American world.

Cristina Servin’s Age, Height, and Weight

The wife of a professional mixed martial artist, She is a 29 years old beautiful smasher. She celebrates her birthday on the 15th of August and her birth year is 1991. 

She has big magnificent blue eyes and short blonde hair. Her height is 170 cm/ 1.70 m/ 5 feet and 7 inches and she bears a body weight of 60 kg/ 132 lb.

Cristina Servin’s Early Life and Education

Cristina was born in the United States of America however, her hometown and birthplace are not being made available by the MMA wife. She spent a good childhood with her parents and siblings but their names and professions of them are also not available. 

Cristina attended a local school in her hometown and graduated from there. Then she attended California State University but the information about her graduation is not confirmed. It is also known that she has participated in a beauty pageant competition in Jalisco, Mexico which is the Mexicano Universal Jalisco pageant.

On August 15, 1991, Servin was born. While Ferguson is the sole reason she is in the spotlight, she has done some modeling and attended California State University. Her hometown is in the United States and she is 29 years old. Services prior life experiences are yet to be known and have not been answered by her or her husband.  Cristina is one of Ferguson’s top motivations, he’s said in the past. It was been admitted by him that the letters in his social media account ‘XT ‘ are dedicated to his wife in an interview. 

Ferguson will have the opportunity to reverse his fortunes when he takes on Beneil Dariush at UFC 262 on May 16. Regardless of the outcome of that contest, Tony Ferguson is regarded as one of the toughest competitors. Let’s learn more about her and the circumstances surrounding her 2019 request for a restraining order against her husband.

Cristina Servin’s Career

She is well-known as the wife of MMA fighter, Tony Ferguson. She is serving as a homemaker for now and there are no details about her past or recent profession and career. She is fulfilling the duties of a wife and a mother proudly.

Cristina Servin’s Husband/ Marital Life and Children

Cristina Servin Wife Of Tony Ferguson
Cristina Servin, Wife Of Tony Ferguson

Cristina Servin dated Tony Ferguson for many years, then in 2011, the couple exchanged rings and got engaged. In 2012, they tied the knot of marriage in a privately held ceremony. They lived a happy married life and after 4 years in 2016, the couple welcomed their 1st child, a boy. They named him Armand Anthony. 

Tony Ferguson is an American national. He is known as a professional Mixed Martial Artist who has worked with the Ultimate Fighting Championship since his debut. He is one of the most successful and powerful fighters in MMA and has won several titles and awards including the Fight of the Year 2018, Fight of the Night winner, UFC Lightweight Champion, etc. 

He has also served as an Ameture Wrestler and won various awards like the NCWA National Championship of 2006 and NCWA All-American Championship of 2006 and 2007. 

The couple is living a happy life with a small family.

Cristina Servin’s Social Media

Cristina is active on Instagram and she has become a sensation on Instagram. She is available with @xtfergie (Cristina Ferguson) and has a total of 25.5 thousand followers and she is following 12 hundred peeps. Cristina uses Instagram a lot and posts her pictures along with Tony, Anthony, and her other friends and family. People like her posts and love to see them.

Cristina Servin’s Physical Appearance

She is a beautiful woman with a height of 1.70m and she weighs around 60 kgs. Cristina has adorable blue eyes and her look is enhanced by her light brown hair. 

Net Worth Of Cristina Servin

Cristina Servin’s net worth is not known yet although her husband is quite a famous person he earns approximately  $ 2 million, while Cristina Servin is a model but she is not famous. 

Cristina Servin’s Controversy 

In March 2019, Cristina made the headlines when she filed a restraining case against her husband, Tony Ferguson. According to her, Tony was undergoing uncharacteristic behavior like not sleeping for days, and severe paranoia, and he started to believe that a chip had been inserted in his knee during his reconstructive surgery of the knee. Cristina’s aim was to get Tony mental help to regain his senses. 

In April 2019, she dropped the case when Tony got back to MMA again.

A Request For Restraining Order 

The revelation that tony Ferguson’s wife, Cristina Servin, had requested a temporary restraining order against him startled MMA fans in March 2019. Ferguson took their son away from her parents’ home, according to Cristina, who testified in front of the Superior Court. She stated – according to MMA Fighting. It was said by Cristina that because of her husband’s violent behavior she and her mother have lived in constant terror for years

In a statement, Christina said that she hoped Tony would get the assistance he requires and that this was simply a temporary step. The ongoing legal proceedings are a step in the process to make sure Tony will get the support he needs to keep being the best he can be and to pursue his passion and career as a UFC champion fighter. I genuinely appreciate all well wishes, and I hope our privacy will be maintained. There have been many domestic incidents at the Ferguson residence since January 2018,” including three in the last month, according to Morocco, who claims that police have submitted five incident reports.

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FAQs about Cristina Servin

What is Cristina Servin’s birthplace?

Her birthplace is California, United States.

What is Cristina Servin’s height?

Cristina Servin is 5 feet and 7 inches tall.

What is the name of Cristina Servin’s Husband?

Cristina Servin’s husband’s name is Tony Ferguson.

Is Cristina Servin a mother?

Yes, Cristina has a son.

What is Cristina Servin’s age?

Her age is 29 years.

Who is Cristina Servin?

She is the wife of American MMA professional, Tony Ferguson.

How many children does she have?

She has 1 son, Armand Antjony.

What is her date of birth?

15 August 1991.

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