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Why I hate computer science? How can you crack the course as a person who has zero ideas about the course

i hate computer science
i hate computer science


The degree in computer science focuses on computation and automation. Students enrolled in the program learn about theories of computation, algorithms, and implementation of software and hardware. It shares some common aspects with computer programming which is a technical field, but computer science is an academic discipline while computer programming is not. 

Computer science ruined my life

My computer science instructor was keen on making me understand A to Z about the subject. For him, teaching his students in the relevant field till the moment they excel was the primary goal. But personally, nothing was easy and I barely passed exams. 

Computer science ruined my life as a student but through thin and thick, I somehow managed to get a degree in it huge thanks to my mentor. The cost of computer science is usually more than the university fees, from my experience. It is about the hard work – some real hard work students have to do – to comprehend the most basic stuff of computation. Although I passed the exams, it is entirely a mystery if I am even satisfied to have a degree in it. 

The truth about computer science

The truth about computer science

Most university programs are hard to get through, including engineering and medicine. Likewise, computer Science is an extremely tough discipline to crack and much different from school-level matters. Even the school-level lessons in computer science aren’t very easy, but what you’ll have to learn in college is much more than that. 

The truth about computer science is that if you did well in the subject as a high school student, the difficulty of the lessons is just the commencement and the complexity is yet to increase. It is honestly one of the toughest disciplines to get through. At the same time, it does not mean that the constructive nature of the course is impossible to understand. It solely is dependent from person to person so if not me, who knows you may uncover it easily.  

Why I quit computer science

I somehow managed to get a degree in the end, although I was still a noob practically. Also, I gave up on it as a student way before my final year and was dragging myself throughout. If you wonder why I quit computer science, it is because I tried more than I could, but miserably failed. The only possible explanation is that I am not meant for this stream. 

My mentor asked me to be consistent with it. I obeyed every word of his, but nothing worked out. If you are seeing the same issue, I suggest you not give up as I did but keep trying harder. Otherwise, you’ll also end up seeing yourself get dragged forcefully for a degree regardless of your inner satisfaction and happiness. And if you think your miseries will end the day of your convocation, trust me it won’t. 

Not good at computer science

I forever considered myself an average student in computer science, but couldn’t cope with college-level concepts and maybe that’s where the real problem rested. Thinking that I am not good at computer science only demotivated me and is something that optimistic people would never believe. Rather than the problem, one should always focus more on the solution. 

To all of my fellow juniors who are struggling to carry on like I did a few years back, never take life negatively. Always be positive for good things to happen. Surround yourself with optimistic people so you get your daily dose of minimum motivation required. 

Computer science stress

Computer science stress is real. But don’t worry, you don’t necessarily have to go through stressful times always. It will only show up at random moments, like a Viva day, project due date, examinations, college events, and so on. Most of the stress happens because of a lack of time management. Planning your way out to complete tasks on time is the best possible strategy to tackle stress and you’ll notice how most of it will automatically vanish as your due work are done. 

On the other hand, the stress might be due to pending fees and no significant financial support in the back. Well, of course getting a degree in disciplines like computer science is not cheap and rather expensive, especially in private institutions. And to add spice is the rising inflation. This means you might need a part-time job; but what else can be done except for mastering to properly manage the limited time you have?  

I hate computer science Reddit  

Now, let me share with you my experience with studying computer science and how I started to hate a subject that I did averagely well in school. Well, it was never my initial plan to pursue computer science. I was for a fact, influenced by my petty relatives, who explained how hopeful the field is and that I’ll be paid well. 

Because I was never interested, it was obvious that I’ll turn out to hate the subject sooner or later. After the influence of relatives, it was the attractive paycheck that lured me into trying out the stream. 

Today, I hate computer science Reddit– the turning point of which was when CS graduates were slowly getting paid lesser than how it usually is, maybe due to the widespread that companies were seeing. The pattern that the paycheck followed can be compared to that of ”engineers”, and how the major students running after it downgraded the salary packages although there’s no certain group you can put your blame on. 

Why I quit computer science Reddit

Computer science is a hard stream to take on. As a person, who joined the course getting influenced by someone else, I instantly regretted my choice. When established people in life say not to go forth with a field that doesn’t interests you, there must be a reason right? 

Well, it does and I am a living example. You will not like doing it and give up in the midst, although you’ll somehow pass exams forcing yourself from time to time. I have a degree now but its real price is something only I know of. 

There are mixed reasons why I quit computer science Reddit. And today whenever I see the certificate I asked myself, was it worth it? No, it wasn’t because I am not justifying my degree with my current profession as a chef and the hard work I have done in getting myself through the toughest moments is simply baseless now, doing nothing good to me. 

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