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DriveNet has Secured a Funding of $208 million

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DriveNet has the facility to provide routing solutions; it is a software-based setup and works virtually. DriveNet has secured a funding of $208 million, which could not have been estimated by the company in its series B fundings at over $1 billion post-money.

For its international expansion and marketing ideas, the company is thinking of using the funding. The small startup company has all the plans now to compete with the bigger companies in the market or with those who actually own the market. 

Entrepreneurs are trying to expand their business and what could be a better way to do so other than the internet. Therefore, DriveNets, a smart software-based company has been built up by a small startup for everyone in need to expand their services and networks. 

DriveNet And Its Approach

Traditional network routers were taking a lot of costs to provide their services while DriveNets core objective is to be more flexible and effective in different ways. Traditional routers were dominating the market leaving no space for the public to have options, also they brought hardware and software into one branded big box while DriveNet provided generic boxes which are based on the solutions that could be said to be an envisioned version of Susan and co-founder Hillel Kobrinsky. 

Network cloud is the software system on which this site is working upon which ultimately gives a path for forming networks which are called the DriveNets Operating System

Working Of DriveNet 

The white box is controlled by the service providers. Although other servers are controlled virtually over Docker containers. This system helps in separating hardware from the software in a much easier way and makes it more effective. DriveNet is the future for many generations to start a network-building process. 

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