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How to Hide The Emperor’s Child

How to Hide the Emperors Child

The protagonists of the tale are a Emperor’s Child and his unfortunate mother Astelle, who was briefly an emperor. Prince Kaizen and Astelle wed, however they eventually parted ways. Upon leaving the palace, Astelle brings a secret with her. She had a secret: How to Hide The Emperor’s Child was going to give birth to Prince Kaizen’s The Emperor’s Child soon. Let’s find out how Astelle protects her Emperor’s Child from individuals who instructed to exploit her youngster. The news of Kaizen’s father’s passing arrives just one day after Astelle crowned a princess.

When Kaizen learns of this, he says to his wife Astelle, “You divorce me.” My father wanted us to married, both of us. Yet there was not a single moment in which I wanted to marry you. Furthermore, you didn’t want to wed me. I’m not loved you. Astelle is heartbroken by this information and starts to recall how devotedly Kaizen handed her the necklace. Kaizen has characterized Estelle’s whole existence. Astelle is unable to function without kaizen. She starts to consider her kaizen-related studies in history, politics, military strategy, diverse arts, and literature. Kaizen learns the challenging meeting techniques. Astelle has been sacrificing herself for the past ten years while doing this. She finds it impossible to fathom how their relationship would end. She has devoted her entire life to this one individual. Astelle admits to the prince, Yeah, I don’t love you, after reflecting about everything.

He takes Astelle’s secrets—that she was pregnant and was carrying a Kaizen child—with her when she departs from that location. She begins working at a bakery after six years have passed. I’m closing this business early today, Miss. You may now leave because of this. Astelle heard the shop owner say. They brought. According to the soldier, the King. Astelle, it’s been six years, Kaizen said. As Astelle hears this, she begins to reflect and think back on the past. Kaizen, How to Hide The Emperor’s Child of the Lestiel Empire, she tells herself. The person I had a deep affection for.

She then salutes her king while bending over. The Kaizen suddenly approaches her and inquires, “Why were you eluding me?” How did you feel? If I could, I’d murder you. Theor quickly approaches his mother and clutches her at that same moment. Theor is the next to receive the Kaizen’s attention. When Kaizen notices a youngster, he queries Astle, “Wait, This Emperor’s Child Astle had spent the previous six years preparing for this time and had given it a lot of consideration. As soon as Kaizen assumed the throne, he began punishing the nobles whose origins were corrupt.

Nevertheless, the Lord of the North rebelled, forcing him to forfeit his entire family. This uprising led to the division of the whole empire into two sections. Many Noble men ultimately slain as a result of the violent war that lasted over six years. Because of this, the nation’s situation remained dire. Astelle’s father was still alive in spite of everything. How to Hide The Emperor’s Child She would conceal her kid was Astelle’s main concern. Because she was fully aware that others will exploit her kid as a weapon of war and power.

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